By Uplate Digest Before you continue have you felt true loneliness? Not the easily remembered kind like friends going out without you or being stuck in a rut after a breakup. No not that loneliness but i mean a feeling of loneliness that can only be described as a longing to belong, a longing to … Continue reading Alone


Tornado: A political dialogue

The year 2027 Date : Unknown Location: Space X moonbase A white light shoots across the windows as not so young peter thiel looks down at what he once called home. He is joined by his pals,a rogue gang of new world leaders, Richard 76, Mark 42, Elon 56 and Jeff 63. They all grab […]

Unique: A philosophical insight

By Uplate Digest Questions to ponder before progressing. Are you unique Are you religious Do you believe in God? if you believe in God, why do you believe? if you can’t explain an event, do you automatically turn to God? If you don’t believe in God, what do you believe in and why? You are … Continue reading Unique: A philosophical insight

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